• Natural Search

    Our advanced SEO techniques will give your site the boost it requires to land your website at the top of page one. After all, anything past page one is irrelevant and a waste of money. We have the results to back up our claims

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  • PPC Management

    Great research is key to an effective PPC campaign and with access to a mass multitude of keywords, we are able to identify the right keywords across the whole customer buying cycle. With all our information, we can analyse and segment keywords into their targets groups.

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  • Social Media

    Ineffective social media marketing is the equivalent of interrupting a conversation at a bus stop and then proceeding to churn out a sales pitch.

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Solutions to fit around you

It takes the best SEO practice to get to the top of the search engine results page, but it takes even more to stay there and with negative SEO on the rise, you need a good agency behind you to protect your position.

Get optimised

We constantly develop complex optimisation systems to make sure you won’t ever be left behind.

Great research is a must

Our intelligence is able to benchmark your brand alongside your competitors and to inspect your market position.

All about the strategy

We look to communicate with your audience in the most effective ways, driving brand exposure and sales through the roof with great social marketing.

SEO News

News and information about search engine marketing, optimization and how search engines work for searchers.

website wireframe sketch and programming code on digital tablet

Tips to take into account when creating a site

Developing a new website for a new company can be a daunting task, especially as the standards of what a site should be have risen to a new high. If 2016

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How Google Panda's update can affect your site

Here at TeamSerp we pride ourselves on our understanding of the SEO world and the algorithm changes that come along with it. Sometimes these changes can come as a

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